09 May 2024


All Day

Green and blue infrastructures for an effective city planning

The theme of green and blue infrastructures has been fully included in the political agendas of central and local administrations, as strategic resources for the environmental quality and liveability of contemporary cities.

Based on the European Strategy on green infrastructures and, in Italy, on Law 10/2013 “Regulations for the development of urban spaces”, over the last decade, a regulatory, technical and strategic framework has emerged that makes the planning and management of urban and peri-urban green infrastructures an absolutely urgent matter.

Starting from the analysis and monitoring data of urban greenery and the transformation dynamics of the most urbanized territories, the webinar that will be held on 9 May aims to stimulate the debate on the challenges that still need to be faced, focusing on some virtuous experiences and opportunities to be seized in order to develop urban policies capable of safeguarding and increasing the natural capital of Italy’s increasingly urbanized environments.

The event can be joined live from 10:00 to 12:30 and online on the ZOOM platform upon registration.

The event is finished.